New Issue is Out

The Sept/Oct 2006 issue is now out and mailed to subscribers - with the holiday weekend I'm hoping it is not delayed by the USPS. Please forgive my abscence, I was in PA at the Garden Writers Annual Symposium from the 24th to 30th. I'll have more on that meeting and many more developments over the next few weeks.
Here is the current issue's cover and note that it is about a current hot topic: Shade Gardening. If you don't have much shade now, don't worry - just wait a few years and you will! Then you'll join the chrous of: "Where did all these trees come from? What do I plant? How do I get color?" You can order the single issue direct from us, subscribe and start with this issue, or buy it at area stores such as Alchemy in artsy, trendy SoPo section of downtown Silver Spring, MD.
Also in this issue are features on growing Figs, Hosta care and selection, a trip to Oatlands Plantation, and creating a Native Woodland garden. Enjoy!


Jim Gallion said…
Kathy, Kathy, Kathy...... When are we going to be able to help folks get to know native plants better if you keep calling them weeds!
Reference your picture in the "weed patch". If it is canada Goldenrod then yes, It's a weed... But all the others are not! Hopefully your readers also know that Goldenrod isn't whats making them sneeze in the fall. It's the ragweed that does that.

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