New Issue Out & Gift Cards

Realized I never posted about the new issue. Here is a cover image. The articles I especially am proud of are the pieces by Gene Sumi on Pruning technique, the cover story by yours truly, and the azalea profile by Kate Tyndall. It is now available in area Borders, Barnes & Noble, and B. Dalton book stores and a few independents. Of course can also buy the single issue direct from us and at the area garden events* we'll be at this month and next. If you subscribe now, we start you with this issue and don't forget we do gift subscriptions!

Speaking of our gift subscriptions, I had been doing custom gift cards by buying sets of nice looking garden-themed blank cards at gift stores and then generating the text in Word and pasting it into the cards.

After seeing the vintage seed packet cards offered by our friends at D. Landreth Seeds in Baltimore, MD (, I talked to them about doing a bulk card purchase and we discussed which design we thought would work best for all occasions. We settled on their Sunflower card and will be getting our order in next week. I'm excited as these cards are gorgeous pieces of frame-able art themselves. The cards are unique and not available elsewhere. In addition, they are from a local company and reflect our regional ties, which makes it even nicer for the gift-ees in my opinion.

*Area events we'll be at in the next 6 weeks include:
Hillwood Gardeners Day (, Leesburg Flower & Garden Fest ( and the Baltimore FlowerMart (


Takoma Gardener said…
Another great issue. We're so PROUD of you. Susan

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