Blog Down

Another annoyance to add to my day. Just found out this morning that my blog page has been "down for maintenance" since Wednesday. Only way I found out is by accidentally clicking on my own blog link when I was accessing one of my friend's blogs. Just wish I'd gotten an email or some other notice of this. Oh well, guess can't be too picky about "free."

What other annoyances you might ask? (As if you would, LOL! I know we all have many these days.) Well, the USPS has entered back on my list of struggles . Since the March/April issue was mailed I'm getting back about one copy a day sent to a subscriber but misdelivered back to me - arghh!!! So I stick a post-it on it and put it right back into the system. Crossing my fingers these folks get their issues in a reasonable time-frame.

Annoyance #3 this morn (and last I'll list for today) is the telemarketer calls I get. Okay, working at home is great, but when you are at an office you just never know the amount of daily "junk calls" your answering machine gets but no messages are left. I'm on the do-not-call registry, that of course does not prevent Dell, Visa, or other companies I have a "relationship" with to call on me nor all the charity calls. I'm pretty polite to them - though increasingly am losing my patience as the calls seem to invariable come in clumps and right when legit business calls are coming in.

Maybe it is just the gray, lingering winter weather. Thanks for letting me vent. Tomorrow I promise more positivity and a smile or two.


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