Washington Home & Garden Show: Worth it?

I'm debating right now on exhibiting at the Washington Home and Garden Show
(http://www.washingtonhomeandgardenshow.com/) on February 9-12. I'm leaning towards a "yes" right now betting on the exposure and that attendance will stay at their projected of 50,000. However, the booth cost is a bit pricey and the weather can be a factor in attendance, but my real reluctance is that it takes place right as I'm scheduled to finish the layout of our March/April issue, get it proofed, and off to the printer. So those four days are pretty crucial to me and with the long hours of the show (10am - 9pm) this will be quite a time investment. I'm relying though on an email conversation I had last year with the Chicagoland Gardening (http://www.chicagolandgardening.com/) magazine publisher who said that the Chicago Home and Garden show was his best event of the year and his top way to get subscribers. Again, leaning towards "yes" and will keep you updated as to how it turns out.


Kathy said…
Can't you get someone else to man the booth for you?

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