Taking A Break

Tip of the cursor to my friend, Mary. She is a former DC-area resident now living and gardening in Denver. Mary tipped me to the Slow Down Week site and as I have been doing anything but that - I did not get around to visiting it until today. On it I found this wonderful essay by a professional British gardener:
Take a break today - get a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy reading it. This guy is living the dream of many gardening folks I know.

As usual, my only chance to take a breather this week was my Yoga class, for which I thank God every time I attend. It really is the highlight of my week and without I think I'd go nuts. I also think it has had a direct effect on my gardening and life enjoyment. Being only 37 I can still see the direct effect of increased flexibility and back strength. My older class-mates are especially great examples of this. Since I started less than 2 years ago, I've gone from attempting to touch my toes and being able to just touch the tops of my feet to now being able to fully place my hands on the floor. I can also do backbends that I last did in third grade gymnastics. My current goal is to do an unassisted hand-stand, I'm getting there slowly but surely.

I'm craving a vacation but with my self-imposed work schedule I do not see that happening for quite some time. Today I'm sending out my first batch of magazine renewal letters. That is quite an occasion to celebrate and mark for us as that means one full year of publishing has passed and we are jumping full tilt into a new one. Tonight I think I'll celebrate by doing "nothing" or at least nothing constructive.


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