Momentary TV Stardom

Our link is now up a the WUSA-TV9 site: I got up early on Sunday morning to be on their 8-9 am live news broadcast. What a great experience that was! My decades of TV addiction have finally paid off with one skill -- being able to hold my own in a TV appearance. I won't be winning any Emmy's, but I'm glad to say I didn't embarrass myself and was asked to come back -- which is always a good sign.

I demonstrated our "RainyDay" project from the Jan/Feb 2006 issue which was "Aging a Pot." Basically, a messy, fun thing to do with kids to give your terra cotta pots a bit of patina and have them look less shiny and new in your garden. I also chatted a bit about seed starting and plugged pur upcoming seed exchange at the USNA (details at:

They gave me an extra minute or so at the show's closing and the staff was terrific to work with. I'm going to try to brainstorm some lively ideas to do on future Sunday mornings. Unfortunately, they do not have a live crew on the weekend broadcasts - which is too bad as there would be so much more we could do - maybe we can arrange some weekday advance tapings.


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