Coming Up For Air

Just a quick note to say the holiday crunch is on at the same time as trying to get the January/February issue in layout, proofed, and to press by the 20th. I knew it'd be crunchtime, but I guess I was still underestimating things. I even attended a workshop this week on "getting organized for the holiday season." Umm, I think I could've taken those few hours spent at that session and actually baked some cookies, sent out cards, and put up some decorations. Wasn't a total waste, the workshop was hosted by a local Women Business Owners (WBO) group, so I at least got to meet some of them and decide if I'd like to join. I'm in so many groups now though, I think I need to set down, rank them all, and start thinning them out to concentrate on just a core few. Another task to add to me growing 2006 "to do" list.


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