The Never Ending Mulch Pile

Okay so my eyes have always been bigger than my tummy. I've always take the big piece of cake and not been able to finish it - which should've warned me that ordering 7 cubic yards of leaf mulch from the near Takoma Park city services was a big mistake. I'd done it before and gotten the mulch dispersed somehow by the end of the summer. But this time it seems like the more I load into my handy hauler and spread, the more the pile grows!!! Will it ever get done and out of my driveway before my party on Sunday? Stay tuned...

BTW, if you don't know how much 7 cubic yards is - picture a dump truck packed full of mulch backing up to your driveway and dropping its load. When it first arrived it was bigger than my gazebo, now it is down to about the size of a compact car.

Mulch sculpting anyone?


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