My First Post

I have been meaning to start this blog for months now - finally doing it at the expense of several other tasks - but, hey, I get to have that great "cross it off my list" moment! :-)

What I SHOULD be doing right now is getting my garden ready for a party I'm hosting this Sunday. It will be for friends, family, and anyone who has contributed in any way to the magazine this year.

What magazine? Why this one:

This cover is from the very first issue, March/April. Currently I'm working on the November/December issue. To subscribe: it is just $18 a year and you can do so at our web site. The magazine is specifically aimed at Washington DC, MD & VA gardeners. However, we do have subscribers outside the area as we describe what to plant and do for zones 6/7 and that applies to many other areas throughout the country as well.

I want this blog to be about the process of doing the magazine AND about gardening. I think it will be of interest to area gardeners, to garden writers/editors, to publishers launching a new publication, and to those aspiring to be in any of those categories. If I wander off on pet peeves and other unrelated topic - don't be surprised :-).

My guess is I'll be updating it at least weekly depending on how my schedule and travels are at the time. My goal of course is to do it 3-4 times per week. Let's see how it goes! Thank you for reading & Happy Gardening!

- Kathy Jentz


Washington Gardener


Anonymous said…
Welcome to blogland!


Takoma Gardener said…
Yes, welcome and please DO give us the inside dope on the publishing world! As much as we've chatted, I still don't know how you do it.

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