New Year's Resolutions for the Garden

Our readers recently shared their New Year's Resolutions for the Garden:

"I resolve to replace the overgrown shrubs around our mailbox."
~ Mavis Burdett, Silver Spring, MD 

"My new years resolution for my garden is to increase the health of my soil biology!"
Caity Valley, Washington, DC 

"My resolutions are to plant more native plants and do better at weeding this year!"
~ Katie Rapp, Gaithersburg, MD 

"My garden resolution is to use more compost and earth friendly products for my garden and yard."
~ Kathy Pongor, Savage, MD 

"My New Year's gardening resolution is to do a better job keeping up with prolific plants that spread about and to take out volunteer trees and shrubs before they become too big and are hard to deal with."
Dorothy Cichra, Silver Spring, MD 

"My resolution is to start gardening earlier in the season and mulch more."
~ Kathy May, Kensington, MD

"Our resolution for our home garden is to replant our front yard in the spring and to have fun mapping it out on paper this winter. We have just remodeled and added a front porch. We are looking forward to some old favorites like azaleas as well as adding more hydrangeas and winterberry hollies. Also thinking of a few plants we can have in pots on the porch steps and up on the actual porch. I have been keeping lists and pictures of things I love so will be fun to pull it all together ..."
~ Karen Sutter, Arlington VA

"Resolution - to get everything planted that is sitting in my driveway!"
~ Wendy Brister, Wrightsville PA 

"New Year's Resolution: Consistent and continuing weeding effort!"
~ Judy Daniel, Washington, DC

What gardening resolutions have you made this year?

Photo by Sasha • on Unsplash


Amy W said…
Love these garden-resolutions! I may have to add some of these to my own list, which currently is mostly about finding the best-flavored rocket to add to salads.

Thank you all for sharing!

-Amy, a garden-writer friend of The Washington Gardener
Thanks for stopping by, Amy!
I love Arugula - but mine gets too spicy too fast (I like mine more mellow-buttery) - wondering if it is the variety or my garden plot soils?
Amy W said…
Hi again, Washington Gardener,

I am thinking that it could be a little of both. I am choosing wild-type rocket varieties for my experiment. The one I am growing now has that nutty flavor, which is a start. It also seems to get spicier as it matures. I may try growing it on trays indoors, where the temperature does not fluctuate much and I can harvest it easily and early with scissors.

HI Amy -
Good thoughts - might be our hot sun and temperature stress. Will try a few indoor pots and compare.
- Kathy
Keri said…
My resolution is to "finish" what I've started! I have several garden beds with holes that I want to get planted before I start on something new. I know these beds will never reach a final state, but it would be great to have them off of my to-do list!
Good luck on that project, Keri, and whittling down that garden to-do list!
- KJ

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