January 2018 issue of Washington Gardener includes the Best Phlox for the Mid-Atlantic Region and much more

The January 2018 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine is now out.

Inside this issue:
  • Best Phlox for the Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Chef Gardens: Garden to Table
  • Native Orchid:Aplectrum hyemale
  • Are Asian Ladybugs Bad for Your Gardens?
  • Soils in Winter: What Lies Beneath
  • Share Your Bounty with the Hungry
  • Your Garden Task List
  • 2018’s Healthy Garden Trends
  • DC-MD-VA Gardening Events Calendar

and much more…

Any submissions, event listings, and advertisements for the February 2018 Washington Gardener Magazine issue are due by February 10.

Subscribe to Washington Gardener Magazine today to have the monthly publication sent to your inbox as a PDF several days before it is available online. You can use the PayPal (credit card) online order form here: http://www.washingtongardener.com/index_files/subscribe.htm


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