Fenton Friday: Stolen 'Matos

Everything is looking pretty good in my community garden plot this week. The seedlings have needed some supplemental water and I weeded quite a bit, but otherwise not too much stress. UNTIL... I went by on Tuesday to take photos of the 'Matt's Wild Cherry' tomatoes that were starting to ripen, only to find they were gone.Vanished. Stolen. I hope by a bird or squirrel, but I suspect a fellow homo sapien :-(

It really sucks, as I'm always willing to share (WHEN ASKED!), but these were the first ones of the season and I was really looking forward to take the pics and sharing them with you all!

On a more positive note, a self-sown sunflower at the edge of my plot popped into bloom. Sweet!

I did also get by and cleared out the pea vines to plant 'Kentucky Wonder' beans. Pictured here is a fast-growing beanie-weenie.

How is your edible garden growing this week?

About Fenton Friday:
Every Friday during the growing season, I'll be giving you an update on my community garden plot at the Fenton Street Community Garden just across the street from my house. I'm plot #16. It is a 10 ft x 20 ft space and this is our 5th year in the garden. (It opened in May 2011.)


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