DIY: Easy Moss Wreath

Guest blog by Gaby Galvin 

While wreaths look complicated, they’re actually quite simple to make. Follow these quick steps and make your own moss wreath, using foliage from your own garden and yard. This moss wreath can be used for winter holiday decor and beyond.
Straw wreath
Pincushion moss (grows in dense clumps in moist yards)
Sheet moss (grows in carpet-like mats in moist, shady yards)
Glue gun
Floral pins
Embellishments from your garden (shown here with ferns)

  1. Brush dirt off your moss with a chip brush, making sure not to tear it too much.
  2. Use floral pins to attach the pincushion moss to the straw wreath. Handle it carefully and use it generously so it looks full and plump. Cover most of the wreath this way.
  3. Fill any ridges in the wreath with sheet moss. Make sure you aren’t using any dried-up pieces. Use a glue gun to keep it down, covering the floral pins.
  4. Add embellishments as you like, including inserting live plant material. Tie a ribbon at the top of the wreath, if desired.

This easy-to-make wreath can last for several months depending on how well you care for it. I recommend hanging it outside on a front door or on a fence, so you can easily water it with no mess. It is important to water the wreath if you want it to last a long time as sheet moss can dry out if you don’t! Happy New Year!
About the author:

Gaby Galvin is a Washington Gardener Magazine summer 2015 intern who is studying multiplatform journalism at the University of Maryland. She does some gardening at home in Davidsonville, MD, with her mother and grandparents. 
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