Fenton Friday: Peas Soaring and Lettuce Ready

lettuce greens

This week at my community garden plot was a strangely dry one -- every predicted rain in our area just skirted past us and our shared cistern has yet to be filled-- so now I have a very parched patch of seedlings. I brought a bucket full of water by once alraedy and drmped out my drinking water on it as I came home yesterday, will be back with another bucket-load tonight. Hauling water is one of my LEAST favorite things in life -- had thought that living in the 21stC was going to at least benefit me in that me - nope!

Peas about 12 inches high
Ah well, such is life. Everything is progressing nicely despite the dry conditions. The potatoes I never dug up last year are all coming back in force.

The lettuce seedlings I put in last month are about an inch high and lettuce
that re-seeded itself about is already ready to harvest -- see photo.

The peas are all about a foot tall now and I read an article on how great pea shoots and tendrils are to eat raw, so I sampled a few. They are good and taste just like, well, fresh peas. But I don't want to sacrifice all my pea crop, so I'll leave the rest to grow and remember to plant extra next yeat just for harvesting the shoots and tendrils.

How is your edible garden growing this week?

About Fenton Friday:
Every Friday during the growing season, I'll be giving you an update on my community garden plot at the Fenton Street Community Garden just across the street from my house. I'm plot #16. It is a 10 ft x 20 ft space and this is our 4th year in the garden. (It opened in May 2011.)


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