Seeds with Presidential Provenance

Thomas Jefferson's vegetable gardens
I'm excited to announce that at our upcoming Seed Exchange on February 7 at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, VA, we are having two guests bringing seeds with ties to our Founding Farmers!

George Washington's garden
The greenhouse manager at George Washington's Mt. Vernon will be there bringing seeds from their gardens to share. And, as previously announced, Pat Brodowski, vegetable gardener at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, will be a featured speaker at the Seed Exchange as well as bringing several jars of seeds to share with our attendees. You will be able to get seeds with real Presidential Provenance for your own home garden.

If you would like to attend the Seed Exchange on February 7 in VA, you can still mail in your registration for that, please ensure that it will arrive by February 5. If you cannot mail it in time, we recommend that you print out the registration form and fill it in and bring it along with a check made out to "Washington Gardener" in order to speed things up and keep the registration line moving quickly.

For the registration form and event details go here.
To read about the speaker program, go here.
To prepare your seeds and yourself for the swap, go here.

And yes, you can attend and participate, even if you have no seeds to swap. We always have plenty of extra to share with new and beginning seed starters! 


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