Fenton Friday: Cold Crops Coming In

Broccoli heads forming
This week at my garden plot in the Fenton Community Garden we dodged the frost/freeze that hit points south and west of us, but it looks like this weekend may may dip to the '20s and that may be that. As you see pictured below, my tomatoes are still producing well, but I think the flavor is really lacking and I may just pull them out, even if we don't get hot by this predicted frost.

Elsewhere in my plot, the cool season crops are revving up. The Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts are heading and my goal of having them by Thanksgiving to feast on is looking actually realistic!

I harvested my one and only Kohlrabi today as I doubt that it will get much bigger and, well, I wanted to see what it tasted like. I eat mine peeled, then cut up raw with a ranch dip. How do you like your kohlrabi?
Brussels Sprouts sprouting

Garlic emerging

Kohlrabi done and harvested

Last of the 'Sun Gold' Tomatoes


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