Fenton Friday: Pepper Premiere

In my community garden plot at the Fenton Urban Garden this week, I finally pulled out the last of the broccoli plants. It looks like the lettuce is done too, I may get one more salad from it, but not much more as we had one big heat wave last week and are due for another next week. This holiday weekend has been blessedly mild, though I could do with the constant hurricane-spawned winds from the coast that beat my tomato plants for the last few days.

Pictured here is an 'Orange Zinger' tomato and a Sweet-hot pepper trying to ripen. I have had some 'Sungold' and orange currant tomatoes already this week, but only a few. I think I need to apply some fish fertilizer to get these plants moving more into high gear. I planted three other hot peppers together in a self-watering pot at the edge of the plot as an experiment to see if they will do any better than this sad one in the ground.

The bean and mini-muskmelon seedlings are doing very well and I started some 'Marketmore' cucumber seeds, which ripen in 60 days according to the seed pack. That is fine by me, since I'll be traveling and busy in August, so September harvest will be good timing.

How is your garden plot growing this week?


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