Fenton Friday: One Gardener's Trash is Another's Flowers

This week in my plot at the Fenton Community Garden, we had a few days of really soaking rains followed by unseasonably cool days. I'm not complaining though! Now things are looking lush and really settling in.

Pictured here are two of the edible flowers I'm growing. I had thought the Calendula was gone after wintering over for me for two years and then totally dying during this last nasty winter, but it re-seeded and now is as abundant as ever.


The French Marigolds are not from those that re-seeded in my plot, those were all weak and spindly and in the pathways, so they never had a chance. The marigolds you see pictured here were plants I rescued from our garden's communal compost pile. I am constantly flabbergasted over the things people put in this pile! You can call me Little Miss Trash-digger, but I have no shame in pulling things right back out and planting them or passing them on to good home.  These marigolds were looking a bit sad when I replanted them in my plot, but after just a few days of TLC and watering, they are looking marvelous.

Besides the Calendula and Marigolds, I have Nasturtium, but it has not flowered yet.



My single Okra plant is starting to bear fruit. That means I'll have to stop by daily to check it as it can quickly grow from a tender 3-inch bud to a 10-inch woody stick that is totally inedible. I like to just pick it when I'm out in the gardening and snack on it raw right then and there. And no, it is NOT slimey this way. It is similar in taste and texture to a green bean. Freshness is the key!

What is growing in YOUR edible garden this week?


Sarah Lawler said…
I have been eating wax beans this week and the cherry tomatoes are starting to turn red. Basil, thai basil, oregano, and parsley continue to thrive.
Nice, Sarah! Sounds like you have plenty of herbs. How do you use the Thai Basil?
Sarah Lawler said…
I use it raw in salads or I add it if I am sauteing vegetables. I think it would be nice in soup, too.

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