Fenton Friday: Fall Already?!

kale seedlings
It is only one month into summer, but this week at my plot in the Fenton Community Garden autumn has already started to makes its presence felt. First, the weather has continued to be unseasonably cool with low humidity (no complaints here!) and second, several seedlings popped up from the Kale I let go to seed earlier in the season. That means, it is probably about time for me to start thinking about what fall crops I want to grow and to begin them soon.

Thanks to the cool summer, I still have lots of gorgeous carrots in the ground. I pick one or two per day to add to my dinner salad. That will be one of the fall crops I re-seed soon. I also want to try direct-sowing broccoli this year, rather than to buy started seedlings. I will see if the weather cooperates for doing that.

Tomorrow I'm visiting the Montgomery County Master Gardeners Grow It Eat It open house and I hope to pick up a few tips for my tomatoes which always seem to suffer some kind of foliar disease or another. I am bewildered as to how some of my fellow plot owners are able to grow full, lush tomato plants with clean foliage given our all-organic mandate.

While on the tomato topic, I realized why my large tomato is not "ripening" at all, I forgot that I planted the 'Evergreen' variety - LOL! Guess, I'll just have to pick that one when it looks heavy and full enough and not by color.

What is growing in your edible garden this week?


Teri said…
Hmm sounds familiar on many levels. I have not had a lot of tomatoes ripen, but the foliage is beautifully lush.....alas...THANK GOD FOR MARKETS!

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