Seed Exchanges 2014

Register NOW to Save Your Seed Exchange Spot

It's that time again! Washington Gardener Magazine's Seed Exchanges are coming up on Sat Jan 25 in Maryland and Sat Feb 1 in Virginia. I hope you can make one (or both) of those dates. We are limited to 100 attendees at each location so sign up soon to reserve your spot.

The full information and registration form is posted here:


Angela Adrar said…
When is the seed exchange in DC?
Angela Adrar said…
When and where is the seed exchange for DC?
Angela Adrar said…
Where and When is the seed exchange for DC?
HI Angela - WDC gardeners can come to either (or both) DC-area Seed Exchanges: Jan 25 at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD or Feb 1 at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, VA.
From recent years, I have observed more DC-residents attending the VA one, maybe more due to the timing than to the distance as both locations are just a few miles from the District borders.
Dr. Robbins said…
It's almost impossible to print the form from this document. Why don't you provide it as a pdf?
HI DR. Robbins - it is posted as a PDF at the Washington Gardener Yahoo group and sent to all past attendees as a PDF attachment as well. We can send the PDF directly to you, if you provide your email address or send an email to

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