Fenton Friday: Potato Heads

This week at my garden plot in the Fenton Community Garden was potato digging time. I had planted four kinds of seed potatoes: All Blue, Red Norland, Kennebec, and German Butterball. All four multiplied well and I have several pounds of each.

The only one that had any problem with was the All Blue -- half of them were mushy and/or hollow -- perhaps insect damage or maybe I left them in the ground too long and they rotted. I will have to investigate what happened there.

I spent last night sorting out all the potatoes for the best 5 of each to enter into the Montgomery County Fair. Basically, I'm sacrificing them to the competition as by the end of the 10 days on exhibit they are no longer edible, but it will be fun to see if they earn any ribbons.

This year I also kept an eye out for any potatoes that looked like anything else for the look-a-like category. I have never entered that before and thought it might be fun. These were the only ones I could find that looked different enough to be something. I think the top left one will be "Mr. Peanut" and maybe the bottom right one will be "Make Way for Ducklings." What do you see in their shapes?


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