Fenton Friday: Nieces Pick Me Clean

This week we finally got the break in the heat/humidity wave we had been long promised. What a relief to be able to weed without sweat immediately running down my back! I'm spending any spare moment I can getting ready for this weekend's Open Garden and Parade of Ponds tour, which I hope you will make plans to stop by for a short visit.

My nieces also came by this week and they helped me at the Fenton Community Garden plot with watering and a touch of weeding. Mostly though, they ate all the cherry and currant tomatoes. They could not get enough of the 'Sun Gold' -- if you have kid's that won't eat their veggies, this is definitely the tomato that will change their minds.

Pictured here was a visit we made to the Victory Garden at the Smithsonian's American History Museum. Joe Brunetti (at left) is the lead horticulturist at the garden and took a few minutes to show us around -- pointing out the more unusual Cotton, Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa), and Passionflower plants.

Back at my garden plot, we also picked a half row of carrots for snacks during their visit, so I planted new carrot seeds in their place. The new seeds are 'Little Babette' French baby carrots. Now is the time to start second-season (aka Fall) crops, so I need to start sorting seed packs and planning what I want to put in this next week.


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