Fenton Friday: Blazing Sun Balls

The heat wave settled in for the past week in my garden plot at the Fenton Street Community Garden, and everywhere else in the Mid-Atlantic. With oppressive humidity and heat index readings of  over110-degrees, I barely stepped foot in the plot. I ran over twice to pick beans and tomatoes and then ran back home to lay prostrate in the shade. Pictured above are 'Sun Gold' cherry tomatoes -- so fruity sweet. that they are more dessert than appetizer or side dish.

Our streak of record rains had to come to an end at some point and it did so right as the heat wave hit. Others in my area were lucky enough to get the occasional pop-up thunderstorm, but we kept getting missed. It was torturous to watch the radar and see the storms do that typical DC summer split thing, where they go north and south of us. I hope we get the promised rains and break in the heat wave this evening so I can get to some much-needed garden chores like pulling out the bolted lettuce.

How is the weather where you are gardening?


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