Check Your Mail Label for Subscription Status

Attention Current Washington Gardener Subscribers -

Please check the mail label on the recent Spring 2013 issue.

First, please confirm that all information is current and accurate. If anything needs correcting, please send an email to with "Address Correction" in the Subject line and then details the needed changes in the body of the email.

Second, check the code to the upper-right of your address. (Circled in red here in the pictured example.) This tells you the last issue in your subscription. It will be a SP for Spring, SU for Summer, FA for Fall, or WI for Winter -- followed by the year. So, in the above example, this subscribers' last issue is Summer 2013. If you have expired or about to soon expire, please renew* today.

Finally, we have introduced a new subscriber option called "Online Only." A few of you have already elected to take this option and we are now opening it up to all of you. Basically, you would no longer receive the magazine in print form, but would receive it as a PDF via email the day we sent it to print. If you would like to switch to this option, send an email to with "Online Only" in the Subject line.

Thank you all for being Washington Gardener Subscribers! Your continued support is vital to the future of this local gardening publication.

*If your subscription to Washington Gardener Magazine has just lapsed or is about to do so, you have several options. Subscriptions are $20 for one year, $36 for two years, and $54 for three years.

To renew:

You can mail a check or money order to:
Washington Gardener Magazine
826 Philadelphia Ave.
Silver Spring MD 20910

You can use the PayPal (credit card) online order form here:
(Scroll down for the multi-year renewal options.)

You can see me in person at area gardening events including our upcoming Open Garden on Saturday, July 27 from 3-5pm. Full event details are here:


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