Fenton Friday: Garden Apprentice

This week at my plot in the Fenton Community Gardens I had a helper! Alex Getachew is a student at the Montgomery College campus down the street and asked if he could join me in the garden to learn some new skills.

We tackled a few chores including pulling out the spent sugarsnap pea vines and re-wood chipping the central path in the plot since most of that washed away in last week's torrential rains.

Then we weeding out many basil and cosmos seedlings and planted the Cucumber 'Marketmore' seeds I got from Botanical Interests.

The strawberries have stopped producing any fruit so we thinned out the runners. I left a few in my plot and cut the rest that had started to root and brought them home to pot up. They look a bit sad right now. Will see if they recover as I'd like to donate them to a school food garden.

Alex went home with a bag of lettuce and lots of sweet, tender basil. He reports that he made a great pesto with the latter. I hope to do the same with my basil and also with a batch of garlic scapes I cut earlier in the week.


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