Fenton Friday: Everybody is Getting Garlic for Christmas!

So I went a bit crazy last fall planting garlic in my garden plot at the Fenton Community Gardens.
It was just a few heads and I planted all their cloves. I had the space, so why not? Well, today I literally "reaped what I sowed."

I dug them all this evening between thunderstorms and washed them off. Then I spread them out on laundry racks in my sunroom to cure for a few days. They are so heavy that my racks are bowing under their collective weight.

I counted over 40 large heads and several more small ones that got lost in the shade of other plants and never fully developed. And when I saw "large" I mean almost fist-sized! Looking at last year's garlic harvest on this blog that I was so proud of, I have to laugh, though that is probably more the amount I'd actually use in a year.

So what am I going to do with all of these? I will enter a few in the county fair, a few of the good-sized ones I will save for planting this fall, some I'll use for making pesto and other recipes, but most will go as presents. I'm going to bundle them with a bottle of olive oil and a stoneware garlic grating dish. Several local potters are making them now and I haven't found anyone that does not love this as a gift. I buy them whenever I see them at local craft shows. Hmmm, maybe I should take up pottery next and make my own?


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