Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: May Blossoms

It is the 15th of the month, which means Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again. To view links to other garden bloggers' blooms around the world to see what it blooming in their gardens and to read their collective comments, go to

Here is a small selection of what is blooming in my garden on the Washington, DC/Silver Spring, MD border -- solid USDA zone 7. We had a blast of late frost this week (see earlier post today) and this spring has been a long, cool one in general. It has also been a very windy week and that has done more damage than the cold -- a few tall irises have snapped off and my jasmine and other vines have taken a beating. More winds expected today along with a high of 85 degrees. Go figure!

It is kind of a relief really not to have EVERYTHING blooming at once and to get to enjoy things at a more relaxed pace. I would estimate that my blooms are about a week behind what they are in a "normal" year here in the Mid-Atlantic.

Weigela florida shrub

Native honeysuckle vine


Katie said…
I have weigela and native honeysuckle blooming, too. Columbine going strong. Candytuft and deutzia are finishing up. Just popping are the rhodies and wild indigo is going to be out any day.
Thanks for stopping by Katie. My candytuft is petering out too. I do not have Deutzia but it is my current "top 10" list for shrubs I'm looking for -- smells so delightful!
Katie said…
I like Deutzia, but it is a bit aggressive... wants to take over so needs lots of space. I can't smell it! (My sense of smell is off.) Anyway, I'm also getting a nice show from the cheddar pinks 'fire witch' and the cranesbill geranium which I think may be 'Max Frei' and goes nicely with the pinks. And the purples from the rhodies which are out well now. It's looking good!

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