Fenton Friday: Cool Beans

This week at my community garden plot it rained every day, so aside from a bit of weeding and harvesting some lettuce and radishes, I have stayed mostly out of my plot.

One thing I did plant is the 'Royal Burgundy' Bush Bean from Seeds of Change. This photo is from the Seeds of Change web site. I hope they turn out to be so pretty! I planted them inside a square, purple trellis I had sitting unused at home. We shall see the results in about 55 days.

Meanwhile, I'm soaking Okra and Nasturtium seeds to plant over the weekend. Also, I have grafted tomatoes I'm waiting to go in once the soil warms up a bit. Finally, we are revamping the shared Herb/Cutting Garden area of the community garden. Lots to do between the May rains and many local garden events and plant sales.


Anonymous said…
Just moved in this area in mid 2012,I am looking for "Romano" Flat Italian's Green Beans so great steamed in spraying champagne vinaigrette allover when they are still hot ,not able to find the incredible bean's seeds anywhere like MD,VA and DC.Perhaps someone can help me,I thank-You ;Sincerely Yours, Martine
Hi Martine - I have not seen them, but will keep an eye out. Did you know Washington Gardener Magazine holds two Seed Exchanges every winter? That would be a perfect place to look for the bean seeds or to put out the word that you are in search of them. Another resource, Washington Gardener Magazine offers is our Yahoo discussion list -- you can join it for free and post a "wanted" notice there too.

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