A Special Note to Our Loyal Readers...

I posted the following note in the latest Washington Gardener Enews:

Some of you may be aware, but most of you are not, that my father went into hospice care with Colorectal Cancer last fall and passed away in the winter. I suspended publication of the magazine for those two quarters. The Spring 2013 issue is in production and will go out shortly. I sincerely apologize for the delay.
   Current subscribers have had their records adjusted to extend their subscriptions by two additional issues.
   New subscribers will start their subscription with the Spring 2013 issue and will receive a full year of issues. I am working on catching up and getting “welcome” notices out to all of you.
   During this time, I have tried to ensure that this monthly enewsletter and all other aspects of the Washington Gardener brand (bus tours, book club, seed exchanges, blog posts, garden talks, etc.) were without interruption.
   I am grateful for the support and friendship of so many of you in the local gardening world and from family and friends.

Kathy Jentz
Washington Gardener Magazine

PS Since putting this note in the Enews, several people have asked how they can help, so I put this list together:
~ Subscribe or Renew to Washington Gardener Magazine
~ Let all your local gardener friends know about Washington Gardener Magazine
~ Forward, Like, Retweet, Link, G+, Pin, etc. Washington Gardener Magazine social media posts online
~ Ask your local library to carry Washington Gardener Magazine
~ Suggest to your local garden center/nursery that they advertise in Washington Gardener Magazine
~ Have your garden club contact Washington Gardener Magazine for a speaker for an upcoming meeting
Again, thank you for your offerings of sympathy and assistance. It is very much appreciated.


jchapstk said…
Doing what I can to spread the word. Thanks for contiuning on.
Thank you, Jeavonna.

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