Fenton Friday: Thin is In

This week in my community garden plot we had several nights hovering around the freeze/frost point. A set of grafted tomatoes I'd been sent to trial was delivered with a bit of frost burn. Hoping they will recover by planting time in mid-May.

I spent my time in the plot this week watering and thinning out the baby seedlings -- carrots, lettuce, and radish (pictured here). I weeded a bit too, but left a bunch of tiny orange cosmos seedlings and what I hope are returning marigolds.

My asparagus has to gather energy for another year before I can harvest any, but I was happy to have some from my friend's Beth plot when she let me know she would not be getting by the community garden this week. Noms!

I was pleased to see that my strawberry plants (pictured here) are flowering profusely and I'm expecting some nice fruit this season. Now, if I can just beat the birds to them!

What is growing in your edible garden this week?


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