Video Wednesday: Philadelphia Flower Show 2013

Washington Gardener Magazine has two tours this year going up to the Philadelphia Flower Show. The Philadelphia Flower Show is the oldest and largest indoor flower show in the world. The show video above says it all. the Philly Flower Show is fabulous and fantastic way to greet spring. The theme for 2013 is “Brilliant! Britain.” From modern London to Downton Abbey-like estates, this is not your grandmother’s Flower Show … but she’s going to love it too! The Flower Show attracts non-gardeners as well as die-hard green-thumbed people of all ages. Participate in the Lectures and Demonstrations series, Gardener’s Studio, and All-Star Culinary Presentations. First-time and returning riders will enjoy the personalized and welcoming details of our coach service.

The two tours are on different days and from different locations, so make sure you are signing up for the one that fits you best! 
Here are the details:

~ Wednesday, March 6 from 10am-10pm, leaving and returning to downtown Silver Spring, MD - includes a lunch and is nearby to public transit - see the 3/6 registration form for more details
~ Thursday, March 7 from 10am-10pm, leaving and returning to Behnke Nurseries in Beltsville, MD - includes a lunch and free parking at the nursery - see the 3/7 registration form for more details

Here are the registration form links:

(Note: The forms are for printing and mailing along with your payment. They are not interactive online forms.)


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