Fenton Friday: Sandy Ends the Season

Hurricane Sandy came through the Mid-Atlantic earlier this week and we got off fairly lucky. For me, it was a few large tree limbs down, some roof leaks, and a bunch of shredded tropical plants to clean up.

At my Fenton Community Garden plot, anything that was standing is down (tomato cages, trellis, plot markers). Anything covered by insulating fabric was exposed and needed to be re-pinned. I'm at the top of the sloping garden site so the mulch on the beds and pathways also went to the bottom of the garden, along with some nice top soil.

It is about time to pull out the last of the summer crops in any case. I have a few lettuce plants coming in. I left in the carrots to see if they will sweeten up any after we get some frosts and I have a row of asparagus that will stay so it can mature for future harvests. The spinach and broccoli are in good shape as well. I plan to put in few rows of garlic also as soon as the hurricane-soaked soil dries out a bit.

 This will be my last weekly report from the Fenton garden in 2012. I plan to be back in the plot and regularly checking in next March.


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