Fenton Friday: Potato Dig

Tomorrow is the entry date for the Montgomery County Fair, so I looked over the possible categories to see what I could cull from my community garden plot at the Fenton Street Garden to enter. In most all categories, you have to have 5 of each time. (Some like Okra you have you have 10!) Most of my stuff is not in large enough numbers ready/ripe at the same time. Right now at my plot that pretty much leaves the Little Finger carrots and my German Butterball potatoes.

So I dug up some of each to make sure they'd be "fair worthy." As you see in the photo here, some of my potatoes have rotted -- the dark one on the right is soft and pliable -- nothing you'd want to eat. I will dig more this evening in hopes of finding 5 of about equal size and that are nice (e.g. not rotting). It is always a mystery what the judges are looking for in these contests as there are no guidelines beyond the simple category names, but "squishy" would definitely not earn me a ribbon.

I had also planned to enter my garlic -- though their are several onion categories, there is none for garlic and am not sure if "vegetable - other" really applies. In addition, I'll be submitting my usual cut flowers (single hydrangeas, roses, etc.), but also trying for the first time to flower arranging categories with a simple mixed-flowers in a tea cup entry I'm putting together.

Are you entering your local fairs? If so, feel free to brag here about your ribbon haul.


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