Fenton Friday: Garden Tour

It has been a quiet August week -- my favorite time of year here in the DC region. Everything is more relaxed, easier, and just more civilized.

At my garden plot at the Fenton Community Garden, I planted a row of broccoli and dug out more potatoes. I've been snacking on more okra and tomatoes. I also had some strawberries appear overnight and ate those right then and there, forgetting to pause a take a photo!

My cucumber vines look awful and I was thinking I'd rip them out, but one cucumber actually set finally and is growing well, so go figure. Nearby, the sweet potatoes pushed themselves out of the ground, so I tried to mound up soil and compost over them as best I could.

Finally, a few eggplants are forming. I doubt they will get very large as the plant is fairly small itself. I'll give them another week or so to see how they do.

Today I'm hosting an Open Garden and YOU are invited. We'll walk over to look at the community garden plot about 7pm, so if that interests you, join us then.


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