Lewis Ginter Orchid Show Winners

Our February 2012 Washington Gardener Magazine Reader Contest winners are:
~ Judy Thomas
~ Madeline Caliendo
~ Judith Daniel
~ Janet Benini

Janet said, "My favorite orchid is the purple paleopsis that I've had for 6 or 7 years. This year it has THREE spikes with a total of 16 blossoms (so far). It's in a window with a plant light above and a humidifier nearby and seems to be very happy!  Thanks for the great work you do. I always look forward to receiving my Washington Gardener."

Judy T. noted, "Naming my favorite orchid is like naming my favorite child, near impossible. But I will share an orchid that I find fascinating, that I have never seen except in photographs: the ugly, Warty Hammer Orchid: it has an impossibly cool pollen-delivery method. I learned about it though John Alcock's An Enthusiasm for Orchids' Sex and Deception in Plant Evolution 2006, Oxford University Press."

They each receive two passes (valued at $44) to Orchids Galore! at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, VA. Orchids Galore! running from March 10 - April 22. Hundreds of orchids will dazzle the senses with color, fragrance and beauty throughout the Garden’s Conservatory. Discover how orchids traveled from native habitats to become a popular fixture in many homes, including tales of plant explorers who traveled far and wide to collect these enchanting plants. Learn about current issues related to conservation and saving wild orchids threatened with extinction due to habitat loss and over-collection.


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