Grown From Seed Exchange Seeds

It is so rewarding to see our little Washington Gardener Magazine Seed Exchange seeds go out into the world into the hands of avid gardeners, but I rarely hear back on what happens to those seeds. I was so excited to get an email from Lilian Cerdeira that enclosed some pictures of flowers that she grew in her garden with seeds that she acquired at last year's Seed Exchange at Green Spring Gardens. The photos in this post are fabulously colorful -- note the goldfinch!

She added, "Thanks for organizing this wonderful event. This was my second year, and it is definitely something I look forward to."

BTW, if you missed last Saturday's event, you can still join us for the second 2012 swap in Virginia next Saturday, February 4, at Green Spring Gardens. We still have spaces left, but they are filling fast so I reccomend you pre-register by mail. Here are more details.


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