A Frozen Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Time for another Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day -- how time flies! The weather here in the Mid-Atlantic USA (Zone 7 DC/MD border) has turned bitterly cold these past few days, after some wonderfully balmy temps last weekend. My little pond is one again frozen over, but I still have several things in bloom -- most notably this Heather pictured here. Also in bloom are Winter Jasmine, Helleborus niger 'Josef Lemper', Pansies, and some Primrose.


'February Gold' daffodils
The 'February Gold' daffodils are higher up and more advanced than at this time any other year that I've had them. They look actually like the could bloom next week, if this cold snap breaks. Usually, they don't bloom for me until late February or early March.

So what is blooming now in your garden?


Larry said…
Love the heather... I've tried a number of them in the past with little success... suppose it involves choosing the best cultivars for our climate and conditions... yours is very pretty! Larry
Andrea said…
Oh you still have some greens and blooms compared to others in the temperate climes. However, if you will see mine it looks like your summer, LOL.

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