Fenton Friday: Hurricane Harvest

After a week away at the Garden Writers Association annual symposium (this year in Indianapolis), I came back expecting to find my hurricane-impacted plot at the Fenton Street Community Garden in tatters. Instead, it looked pretty good. My corn is somewhat bent, but the ears are ripening and seem no worse for the storms. Thanks to Diane S. who looked after my plot while I was away. (I had looked after hers the week before.) I was able to pick all that you see pictured here plus leave some out there for later consumption. Some of the tomatoes are splitting and have worms moving in, so those went straight to the compost pile.

I also finally have beans! Lots of them! I picked just a few representative pole beans for the photo above, but did not want to pick the rest until right before I consume them.

Back at my home garden, the hurricane brought down lots of small branches and a few big ones. Overall though, most things actually seem to have greatly enjoyed the repeated soakings followed by cooler temps. Many plants have jumped into bloom and my pond plus rainbarrel are over-flowing again. After a horribly dry July, what a difference a month of good storms makes!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the pole beans! I like to pick the ones that are ready each day and save them in the frig until I have enough to cook. Delicious and nutritious! -Anne

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