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Guest Blog by Sharon Corish

I have always loved gardening, but recently I have really gotten interested in the botany aspect of gardening. I have gone to the library to pick up books like Botany for Gardeners: Revised Edition by Brian Capon, and the Eyewitness Books on plants. I have turned to encyclopedias and browsed various web sites in search of answers to plant questions. Though, nothing quite beats the privilege of hands-on learning.

My favorite way to learn about the plants around me and how they work is by watching them. For instance, most of this past summer I was wondering why I did not see many impatiens seedpods. I soon learned that they would not produce many pods until later in the summer, and when they do, the pods burst when they have ripened fully. Learning from real-life experiences is the only true way to learn something and actually remember it. I do not think any textbook reading or online article can match to the excitement and surprise I felt when that impatiens seedpod suddenly exploded out of my hands shortly after being picked. Nature is an exciting classroom, best experienced in person. Articles are great for background knowledge, because without them, sometimes we have a hard time knowing what to look for.

About Our Guest Blogger:
Sharon has started blogging at http://sharon-corish.blogspot.com/. She loves botany, art and writing, and has a passion for helping others.

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