MANTS Pt 5: Dr. Richard Olsen on Grafted Witch Hazel

Dr. Richard T. Olsen, Research Geneticist at USDA-ARS, shows a unique graft at the recent MANTS 2011. It is two winter-flowering Witch Hazels grafted onto an undersized Persian Ironwood  (Parrotia persica) to form a standard (lollipop-shaped tree). Imagine this as the jewel of a tiny, townhouse garden or as a focal point in a formal herb garden layout. This graft avoids the Witch Hazels suckering issues and puts the Witch Hazel blooms right at eye height. The grower is Sunleaf Nursery of Madison, OH. I believe the two Witch Hazels were 'Diane' and 'Arnold's Promise.' Unfortunately, the video footage was not useable, but I was at least able to capture this image from it.


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