Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Oct 2010

It is Garden Blogger Bloom Day again -- the 15th of each month -- when we garden bloggers say what is blooming in our respective gardens then link to each pther and post centrally to

It was pouring rain yesterday so I ran around inbetween the drops and snapped just a few photos for today's post. In the gloom, it is no surprise what stood out to me but these two red blooms and one white one.

First is the Hydrangea 'Pink Shira,' which is the truest red of any hydrangea I am trialing -- even those that are supposed to be lipstick red do not compare. The color on mine may be influenced by the alkaline soil, as it is planted a few feet from a brick wall. So your color mileage may vary if you have the same hydrangea in your garden.

Second is the "feely flower" or at least that is what my younger niece calls it and she gets quite exapperated when I don't know that she is talking about Celosia (Celosia cristata) aka Coxcomb or Cockscomb. To me, "feely" means Lamb's Ear. I think of this one as the "brainy" flower and associate it with Halloween timing.

Third is the Nippon Daisy aka Montauk Daisy (Nipponanthemum nipponicum aka Chrysanthemum nipponicum and Leucanthemum nipponicum). I had never grown it before and got this plant at a garden club swap last month. It is in a sunny spot next to my gazebo. I'm eager to see how it does next year and if it proves as low-maintenance and hardy as its tag promises. 

So what is blooming in your garden today?


RBell said…
The color on that 'Pink Shira' Hydrangea is really nice - I didn't even know they came in that color. I'm trying the 'Alice' Oakleaf Hydrangea in my garden. Wonder how your variety would do in my down south, hot, shady, alkaline garden!
RB - I bet you'll have a dark pink/red too. I'm Zone 7B and my Pink Shira is in pretty shade-pt shade situation and our 100++ degree, hot humid summer should compare pretty well.
Urban Gardens said…
Tell your niece I love "feely flowers" too!
Urban - I will tell her :-).

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