Favorite Fall Foliage Plants

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I asked entrants to tell us their Favorite Fall Foliage Plant and why, Here are some of the contest entry responses:

Lucy G. of  Annapolis, MD,  picked Hosta 'Paul's Glory. "'This hosta, one of my favorite varieties all season, stays looking good straight through until Halloween, at a time when my others are looking slug-damaged, or like they're just tired out and about to go dormant. Even in November, when it does start to turn, the leaves turn gold instead of just going brown and withered. It's not huge but is large enough to have real "presence" (foliage is about 24" tall.) It really is a good perennial accent in a fall garden."

Danielle B. of Washington, DC, said, "My favorite fall foliage plant is the quaking aspen tree. I lived in Santa Fe, NM, for a number of years. In the fall, the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains would be blanketed in golden yellow. Beautiful. Unfortunately, not a look I will be able to replicate in my Washington, DC garden."

Jeavonna C. of Baltimore, MD, shared her pick, "Fall Blooming Crocus & Colchicum (pictured above). They are beautiful and a nice frame (early spring, late fall) to my changing garden picture."

Madeline C. of of Washington, DC, said sedum. "I love the rust colored flowers."

Gloria S. of Silver Spring, MD, nominated Fothergilla.

Katie D. of Towson, MD,  selected Acer saccharum- Sugar Maple. "The glowing yellow color really outshines any other tree in the fall foliage show."

George G. of  Falls Church, VA, chose Nandina domestica 'Monum' Plum Passion. "This shrub has three distinct color phases. New growth is deep purple. In summer the leaves turn deep green and in fall-winter the leaves become reddish purple. The color is outstanding unless we have a very cold winter and the leaves defoliate but will return in spring."

Molly G. of Alexandria, VA, wrote, "My favorite fall foliage plant is the hardy chrysanthemum. They come in such bright happy colors and cheer up the yard in which everything else is dying off for the year."

Miriam B. said, "My favorite fall plant are my roses. After a long hot summer I love to watch the final flush of blossoms and the aubergine and lime colored leaves sprouting new growth on the spindly canes of the long summer withered rose plants."

Mavis B. of  Silver Spring, MD, wrote, " My favorite fall foliage plant is my Ginkgo biloba tree. The fan-shaped leaves turn a brilliant yellow that is so remarkable that total strangers stop to take pictures of it. Pretty good for a tree of ancient origins!"

So, did we miss YOUR Favorite Fall Foliage Plant?


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