DC School Garden Photo Contest Winners 2010

D.C. Schoolyard Greening, in conjunction with community partners, sponsored its fourth annual DC School Garden Week student photo contest. Any D.C. K-12 student was eligible to submit a garden-related photograph. The panel of judges this year included garden and photography experts: Kathy Jentz – Editor/Publisher of Washington Gardener Magazine, Susan Harris – Garden Coach and Blogger, Christa Carignan – Garden Blogger and Photographer, and Lisa Helfert – Professional Photographer. Winning entries were announce at the DC School Garden Week 2010 kickoff event today and are posted below. Congratulations to all the DC School Garden photo contest winners!

UPDATE: I have an album from the DC School Garden Week kick-off event posted on the Washington Gardener Magazine FaceBook page. It includes the photo contest winners.

Category A (K-Grade2) Winners:

1st place co-winner Marco Shaik (2nd) Horace Mann

1st place co-winner Gabriel Rodriguez (K)  of Horace Mann

2nd place  Sophia Peck (K) Horace Mann

3rd place  Marco Shaik (2nd) Horace Mann

Honorable Mention #1  Sudiyana Grabyiena (2nd) J.O. Wilson

Honorable Mention #2  Anna Reif (K) Horace Mann

Honorable Mention #3 Nicole Peck (1st) Horace Mann

Category B (Grade 3-5) Winners:

1st place  Christina Range (4th) Horace Mann

2nd place  Mikey Brady (3rd) Horace Mann

3rd place  Stella Davis (3rd) Horace Mann

Honorable Mention #1  Christina Range (4th) Horace Mann

Honorable Mention #2  Tara Baghat (4th) Horace Mann

Honorable Mention #3  Chase Palmer (4th) Horace Mann

Category C (Grade 6-8) had no entries and so no winners to report.

Category D (Grade 9-12) Winners:

1st place  Brittni Goines of Benjamin Bannekar

2nd place  Ruth Sauls (12th) Benjamin Bannekar

3rd place  Samantha Dewar (12th) Benjamin Bannekar

Honorable Mention #1  Tadeal Asfaha (11th) Cardoza

Honorable Mention #2  Malachi Byrd (9th) Cardoza

Honorable Mention #3  Laneisha McCauley (11th) Cardoza


brenna said…
Great job with this photo contest, these look awesome!
Victoryperfect said…
Nice guide! thank you!/I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.
Kitchen Garden
Wow! These photos are mind blowing. These photos brings the nature in front of me.
Thanks for commenting - I'll pass the compliments on to the kids.

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