When I Grow Up I want to be...

It was Career Day at Hollywood Elementary School in College Park, MD today. I was invited to speak because a certain Kindergarten teacher is also Washington Gardener magazine's photographer, Drena J. Galarza. Here she is with her class after my talk to them. Notice the girl in the middle holding up our Spring issue. She is the only one who appears the least bit camera-shy! The kids were great. Besides Drena's class, I also spoke to a 2nd grade and a 3rd grade class. We talked about writing and taking pictures for a magazine, what other magazines they read, and mostly about gardening. Glad to see that many are home gardeners and were VERY enthusiastic about the Black-Eyed Susan seed packs I brought for them and the Serviceberries I passed around for them to try. The best part for me was the questions they asked and some of their comments:
- Worms help you in the garden, right?
- How does a picture you take actually get into the magazine?
- I love growing and eating broccoli the best.
- My mom reads Essence and I read Highlights and People.
- We'll miss you so much when you leave.
- Do you have time for your family with all the magazine work?
- My favorite thing to grow is dandelions.
- What do foxes eat?
- Can you grow rocks?
- When are you going to take us on a printing press tour? Next Saturday?
- Thanks, Flower Lady!


Drena said…
Thank you for coming... You were a hit! love, Drena
lovesigner said…
LOVE the children's comments, Kathy! I didn't know Drena was a kindergarten teacher. I know you were QUITE the guest and it sounds like it was fun, too!
Akumatize Girl said…
That’s me in the pink with my head to the side �� wow I think I was only 6 years old in here and I just turned 14 this month.
Thanks for stopping by Akumatize Girl - hope you enjoyed the blog post and do stop back and let us know how you are doing in the future!

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