Plant Swap-o-rama Coming to DC on June 19

3rd Annual DC Plant Swap Details

hosted by Washington Gardener Magazine
What: a Plant Swap -- bring and receive free plants to expand your garden

Date: Saturday, June 19

Time: starting at 10am bring your plants for sorting -- swap starts promptly -- do not be late - if you arrive after the swapping starts, sorry, you will not be able to participate due to the structure of this event - after swapping, we can socialize, snack, buy farmer's market goodies, and trade more info on the plants we brought - we plan to conclude before 11am. so you will have the rest of the day to plant and enjoy your Saturday.

Place: H Street Farmers Market at H & 8th -- 624 H Street NE near Union Station on Saturdays (the market runs from 9am-12n)

Who: anyone is welcome as are any of your friends, relatives, or neighbors -- it is FREE -- feel free to forward on this invitation


~ a name tag - home made or from work or school -- whatever works -- so that we know your name and we can all connect our emails, names and faces.

~ pen and paper - you will want to take lots of notes as folks describe their plants and growing conditions

~ plants to swap - pot them up NOW -- the longer they can get settled in their pots, the better their chance of success and survival - (no plants to share? see note below)

~ labels - fully label all your swap plants with as much info as you have - optimally that will include: common and scientific name, amount of sun needed, amount of water needed, any other special care notes, and color of the blooms - if it is not currently in flower

How: be prepared to BRIEFLY introduce yourself and describe your plants

What NOT to bring: common orange daylilies* and other invasive species - use this list to screen your plant offerings

*hybrid daylilies are fine and welcome

What if you do not have plants to swap? Come anyway! Bring refreshments: cold drinks and yummy finger foods to share with swappers will pay your admittance fee :-) Be sure to bring cups, napkins, utensils, etc, if your food item requires those for serving.

A BIG thanks to FreshFarm Markets for hosting us and giving us the space to do this. Don't forget to shop at the market!

(Pictured above are a group of happy swappers from our 2008 event.)


kim said…
Are tiger lilies ok?
I think by tiger lilies you are talking about the common orange daylilies or "ditch lilies" and those are what we are banning along with any known locally-invasive plants. What happens at other swaps I've attended is someone brings bags of those common daylilies and virtually no one wants them so we are stuck with bags of them at the end of the swap and nowhere to dispose of them.
katie said…
is there an updated link with the invasive "Do Not Swap" list?
Thanks for alerting me, Katie, looks like they movedthe link. It is: I'm not too worroed as most things on the list like Tree of Heaven would not even enter anyone's head as an option for swapping. I think only thing I can ever recall at one of our swaps being pulled out was a pot of Asian Wisteria.

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