Our "Wood" Anniversary

To celebrate the Washington Gardener Magazine’s 5th Anniversary* in print, I thought it appropriate to plant two new trees in my garden. One is a native Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis L.) and the other is Japanese Snowbell Tree (Styrax japonicus). They are both about 6 ft. tall right now and I hope the thrive and mature right along with the publication. We held our celebration event on Sunday afternoon, May 23, at the Historic Society of Washington, DC. It included a panel discussion on local garden trends and the future of urban gardening in the 21st. After the panel, we held a networking reception featuring cupcakes from C and G Catering. Our guest panelists were:
~ Angela Treadwell-Palmer, President of of Plants Nouveau (http://www.plantsnouveau.com/) on plants being bred now and coming soon to retail and your home garden.
~ John Peter Thompson of Invasive Notes (ipetrus.blogspot.com) on proposed invasive species laws and the impact of invasives and exotics.
~ Sylvia H Wright, author of From Eco-weak to Eco-chic on climate change and enviro-impacts.

Pictured above from left-to-right: John Peter Thompson, Sylvia H Wright, myself (Kathy Jentz), and Angela Treadwell-Palmer. I put an album of photos from the event at my Facebook page here. They were taken by Drena J. Galarza.

I hope to see many of you when we celebrate Washington Gardener Magazine’s 10th Anniversary!

*From the wood nymphs of Greek legend and the Indian Vrikshaka to the present day superstition of “knocking on wood,” forests, trees and woods have always evoked feelings of mystery, warmth, creativity, and wisdom. As a milestone of marriage, giving wood on the fifth anniversary symbolizes the strength, solidity and wisdom inherent to a strong relationship.
~ Paraphrased from The Meaning of Wedding Anniversaries by Gretchen Scoble and Ann Field, Chronicle Books LLC, San Francisco, CA, 2004


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