Snow-blown Garden Blogger Bloom Day

It is Garden Blogger Bloom Day again. Several feet of snow and ice is on the ground outside still and more flakes are coming down as I type this. All my winter bloomers are covered in thick layers of snow and it will be at least another two weeks before I see them again. I hate snow. I hate being cold and wet. I have to shovel it. Sure it is "pretty," but that lasts how long on our urban streets? Maybe for five seconds. Yes, I'm grumpy and can't wait for the big thaw. Indoors, I'm forcing many spring bulbs. They are all a few days away from blooming. So I'm sharing the only thing I have in really full bloom now, my violets. And yes, that is a touch of sunshine coming in the window this morning.


NellJean said…
Beautiful Violet. I like that the blooms are pale and the pot is violet shades. Happy Bloom Day.
We have had a real winter (which I am not used to) here in southern middle TN. I know from the weather reports y'all have been hit exceptionally hard up there with snow. Like you I was excited about the first snow but enough already! I miss my flower friends so much! Hope you thaw out real soon.
Caroline said…
Your African violet is lovely. Happy GBBD!
Thanks all for stopping by GBBD!

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