DC School Garden Photo Contest Winners

Here at last are the winners of the DC School Garden Photo Contest Winners. I had the tough job of judging from among the many excellent entries along with fellow judges Lisa Helfert, Karen Helfert, and Christa Carignan. We announced the winners at the DC School Garden Week Kick-off Event this past Monday at Watkins ES in SE, WDC very near Eastern Market and Capitol Hill. To see a slideshow of the kick-off event go here. Many of the young winners were present along with their proud parents and siblings. The winning photos will likely be on display later this year at the MLK Library near Gallery Place in WDC. Stuned for an invite to that.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

A Category (K-2nd grade)

1st place and Grand Prize: Caitlin Cooper - 2nd grade at Horace Mann "Golden Flight"

2nd place: Katie Brady - 2nd grade at Horace Mann "Spring Awakening"

3rd place: Inrid Hager - 2nd grade at Horace Mann "Yucca Buds"

Honorable Mention: Marco Shaik - 1st grade at Horace Mann "Sunny Bee"

Honorable Mention: Dmitri Vassilion -1st grade at Horace Mann "Good Morning Butterfly"

B Category (3rd - 5th grade)

1st Place: Cardea Bannister - 5th Grade at Draper Elementary "Beautiful"

2nd Place: Christina Range - 5th Grade at Horace Mann "Waiting for Spiderslings"

3rd Place: Camille McDermott - 5th Grade at Horace Mann "A Bounty of Beauty"

Honorable Mention: Lashaun Wilkins - 4th Grade at Achievement Prep "Dreams at the Sky"

Honorable Mention: Shade Carter - 5th Grade at Achievement Prep "Sweet and Nothing"

Honorable Mention: Latrell Reed - 3rd Grade at J.O. Wilson Elementary "Yellow Paradise"

C category (6th - 8th grade)

1st place: Monay Minor - 7th grade Barbara Jordan "My Flower"

2nd place: Justin Neely - 6th grade Ferebee Hope "Storm"

3rd place: Cedric Harper - 6th grade Barbara Jordan "Great Green"

Honorable Mention: Moshay Minor - 7th grade Barbara Jordan "Moshay's Flowers"

D category (9th - 12th grade)

1st place: Rocio Ramirez - Cardozo

2nd place: Laneisha McCauley - Cardozo

3rd place: Kimberley Caldera - Cardozo

Honorable Mention: Joel Gibson - BJCPS "My Little Tree"


The Putterer said…
Bravo for the winners. Their pictures are beautiful!
melanie said…
Those are beautiful. Kudos to the kids!
Julie said…
What an amazing show of talent! Put a camera in a kid's hand and it's always surprising what they'll come up with.
Aren't they amazing? And I bet if I took off the class categories, you'd never guess which were done by a high school vs a kindergartner.
Anonymous said…
Cardea 3 said…
I'm cardea bannister I'm 18 now and still proud of this thanks so much you made my childhood awesome

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