Things I've Tweeted

If you aren't on Twitter, why not? You can find me over there at WDCGardener or check in on my Twitterfeed posted in the right-hand column of this blog page.

Anyway, here are few recent tweets I thought you all might enjoy or find interesting:

 ~ In #DC this FRi 9/4? take lunch with us @PeoplesGarden to talk community gardening & see Chef Carlton Crockett #gardenDC

~ Excited that MPT (MD's PBS stations) folks are giving me Flipcams to have area community gardeners document & blog on #gardenDC

~ Summer is ending when green cicadas lose mating energy & land exhausted on your backporch #gardenDC #dc

~ best live window display - Aveda on Wisc Ave in G-town - wish more stores made the effort #dc #gardenDC #gardening

~ Good news from Garden Center Mag! Late blight won’t overwinter in Northeast, experts say #gardening #gardenDC

~ RT @VisitVirginia Another beautiful day! Loving September. Check out all there is to do in Virginia this month #gardenDC

~ RT @TheNatrlCaptl Mtg tonight at Rock Creek Park Nature Ctr about reducing deer population - comment until 10/2 #gardenDC

~ RT @NaturesGardener Stop blaming goldenrod (Solidago) for seasonal allergies! The real culprit is giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) #gardenDC

~ RT @trueepicure Rose Hayden-Smith, Victory Garden: Join the Gardens Revolution, at U.S. Botanic Garden this Frid #gardenDC

~ See video of WH garden progress #DC #gardening #gardenDC

~ RT @tangledbranches Rockfish Gap Hawk VA reported 71 migrating hummingbirds yesterday; a new record. #gardenDC

~ RT creativedc A tour of bee-keeping facilities on the grounds of the Franciscan Monastery in Brookland #gardenDC


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