Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Things I've Tweeted

If you aren't on Twitter, why not? You can find me over there at WDCGardener or check in on my Twitterfeed posted in the right-hand column of this blog page.

Anyway, here are few recent tweets I thought you all might enjoy or find interesting:

 ~ In #DC this FRi 9/4? take lunch with us @PeoplesGarden to talk community gardening & see Chef Carlton Crockett #gardenDC

~ Excited that MPT (MD's PBS stations) folks are giving me Flipcams to have area community gardeners document & blog on #gardenDC

~ Summer is ending when green cicadas lose mating energy & land exhausted on your backporch #gardenDC #dc

~ best live window display - Aveda on Wisc Ave in G-town - wish more stores made the effort #dc #gardenDC #gardening

~ Good news from Garden Center Mag! Late blight won’t overwinter in Northeast, experts say #gardening #gardenDC

~ RT @VisitVirginia Another beautiful day! Loving September. Check out all there is to do in Virginia this month #gardenDC

~ RT @TheNatrlCaptl Mtg tonight at Rock Creek Park Nature Ctr about reducing deer population - comment until 10/2 #gardenDC

~ RT @NaturesGardener Stop blaming goldenrod (Solidago) for seasonal allergies! The real culprit is giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) #gardenDC

~ RT @trueepicure Rose Hayden-Smith, Victory Garden: Join the Gardens Revolution, at U.S. Botanic Garden this Frid #gardenDC

~ See video of WH garden progress #DC #gardening #gardenDC

~ RT @tangledbranches Rockfish Gap Hawk VA reported 71 migrating hummingbirds yesterday; a new record. #gardenDC

~ RT creativedc A tour of bee-keeping facilities on the grounds of the Franciscan Monastery in Brookland #gardenDC

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