My Truly Bloody Blogger's Bloom Day

I went around the garden yesterday snapping photos of just about everything in bloom from last year's grocery-store-bought mums they came back and doubled in size to PJM rhododendron putting on a fine second season bloom for my Garden Blogger's Boom Day entry.

   Then I started obsessively taking pics of the Sanguisorba obtusa* 'Lemon Splash' aka Japanese Burnet I had gotten as a small pip during a plant swap with the Four Seasons Garden Club last year. I potted it up then placed it by my fairly-shaded back door. Though known as a landscape plant, I potted it because I knew it was moisture-hungry and I rarely give my garden any extra water except for those items in containers, which I can keep a closer eye on.
    Everyday my eyes fall on it as I rush in and out. I just adore the funky mottled leaves. Some are lightly dotted, while some seem dipped in yellow, and still others are more streaked.
   A few weeks ago it started to send up flower spikes. This was a surprise to me as I'd thought of it as just an interesting foliage plant. Now the cone-like flowers are turning red and they are one of most interesting blooms in my garden. True to the sanguine-name, it looks like a cotton swab dipped in blood. It is an appropriate plant to add to your garden during this current Vampire craze and this haunting time of year.
*Some sources list it as S. OFFICINALIS.


The speckled leaves are so cool, I'm with you and would have just thought it to be an interesting foliage plant!
Sylvana said…
I always love getting bonuses in the plants I grow.

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